Learning With Parsons and Teen Vogue



I am really excited to share something with all of you today.  In October, I began doing an online certificate program with Parsons School of Design and Teen Vogue.  With Teen Vogue being my favorite magazine and Parsons being a school I would love to attend, I really wanted to try the program.  I am about halfway through the program right now and I have already learned so much.  One of the greatest things I’ve  learned so far is the design process from inspiration to actual design.  Right now I am completing course three: understanding fashion production.  One of my assignments from course two was to create an accessory inspired by one of the inspiration photos I took.  The accessory had to be made out of unconventional materials.  For example, I created the bow bracelets pictured above.  They were inspired by the bow on my Coach Poppy perfume bottle.  The picture below is the picture I submitted for my assignment.


polka dot ribbon (two rolls)


arrow print ribbon (one roll)


gold and rose gold safety pins free – I collected these from previous clothing purchases.
.5 hours @ $9


total production cost


20% profit


total cost plus profit


estimated retail price


The assignment I am completing right now is how to calculate the production cost and profit of my bow bracelet set.  I created a chart with the cost totals of the ribbon and pins, and added that total to the cost I would be paid for the time it takes me to make one set.  This equals the total production cost.  I then calculated what my 20% profit would be.  I added this to the total production cost.  This lead me to my total production cost plus profits.  I am a visual learner, so I find the chart I created above super helpful.  There is even more steps to calculating how to sell the bracelets at wholesale.  It is really interesting to me all of the steps it takes to both create and sell a product.  And to think, this is only a simple set of bracelets!  My goal is to major in fashion design, but I also really love learning about the business side of fashion as well.  It is a big part of being a designer, too.  Throughout the course of the certificate program, I will try to share more on Graceful Glass Slipper!

Carly xx


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