DIY: decorating with tissue paper




One of the reasons why I love fashion so much is because it was one of the first things to really bring out my creative side.  I sometimes spend hours putting outfits together and pouring over the pages of fashion magazines and fashion blogs.

I love to have things around me that inspire creativity.  It doesn’t have to be something expensive, either.

DIY inspiration boards are my favorite project to do when I feel stuck in a creative “rut.”  My budget friendly DIY supply tip would be to save all of the free tissue paper from clothing stores, and after the holidays, buy the pretty tissue papers on sale from Target!  I honestly never throw away the tissue paper from Victoria’s Secret because not only does it come it my favorite shades of pink, but the heart print is very delicate and pretty, too.  The scalloped white, gold, and black tissue paper is from this past holiday season at Target (on sale of course).

I attached a few pictures to this post as an example of how I incorporate tissue paper in my DIY projects.  The first picture is actually my design book, and the second picture is my inspiration board that I made two years ago.  I love to look at it every morning, because it sets my day off on a positive note.

Right now I am working on a vision board for above my desk.  In Miranda Kerr’s book Treasure Yourself, she explains why vision boards help keep you reaching towards your goals.  I’m making my vision board out of a holiday gift box, and I printed pictures from my pinterest, too.

Please comment below what your favorite DIY projects are, I would love to try them!




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