Kora Organics and Balance


For the past few months, I have been testing different makeup brands to find the perfect foundation.  This is a bit difficult for me, because I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to redness and breakouts.  I am still looking for a foundation that I feel 100% happy with, but I am not complaining because I think it is fun to try and discover new makeup products.

I just recently had a breakout from a new foundation I tried.  Each day this week, when I took my makeup off I noticed little red bumps on my nose, and breakouts on my chin and around my mouth.  So, today I decided to go completely makeup free, and rely on Kora Organics to bring my skin back into balance.

I started using Kora Organics about two years ago.  The first thing I purchased was the Three Step System for sensitive skin, and I still use it to this day, morning and night.  I couldn’t imagine going without it: it makes my skin feel calm, hydrated, clean, and glowy. The products also smell amazing!  It is very calming to use them, especially before bed.

After my breakout this week, I knew it was time to only use my essentials for a day without makeup, to bring my skin back into balance.  By using Kora and nothing else, I was able to give my skin a chance to heal.  I always feel so grateful whenever I use these products, because I used to never leave the house without makeup.  Kora Organics not only cleared up my skin, but helped me feel comfortable in my skin.

I hope you all are having a great day,


Carly xx


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