Summer Tops



During the warm summer months, you will most likely find me wearing a dress.  However, I love the look of a light, feminine top paired with a skirt, summery jeans, or leggings.

I’ve worn both of these tops on my Instagram (there is a link to my page in the sidebar).  The first top pictured is a lilac, eyelet, peplum camisole by Hinge.  I purchased it from Nordstrom a couple weeks ago, and I wore it for the first time this past Sunday.  I really love eyelet as an alternative to lace, and the peplum detail of this top makes it easy to dress up.

The second top pictured is one I’ve featured in an outfit post, but I wanted to include it in this post as well.  It is a simple, pink chiffon, polka dot top by Chelsea 28.  I got it for under $10 at Nordstrom Rack!

I will be keeping an eye out for more summer tops like these, because they are so versatile and fun to style.  Here is a link to the eyelet peplum top:  

I hope you all have a great day, and I would love to hear in the comments what some of your favorite summer tops are!

Carly xx


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