Fashion, Beauty, and Positivity


I try my best to surround myself with as much positivity as possible.  This isn’t always easy because it is impossible to control what others say or do.  However, it is in these times that I remind myself that I do have control over what I say and do.

A few months ago, I shared here on Graceful Glass Slipper my inspiration board that I have hanging in my room.  I included how to make your own, and I will leave the link for this post below!  I look at my inspiration board every morning while I brush my teeth.  I understand that a lot of people may think that positive quotes are cheesy, but positive quotes and affirmations really brighten my mood.  I love when people share positive quotes on their own blogs and social media platforms, too.

Today, I did not have a bad day, but I was reminded of this quote in particular.  The sky was so dark this afternoon, it looked like night.  Colors like blue, purple, and grey mixed together in the sky while thick sheets of rain fell to the pavement.  I was at work, and I remember hoping that it would stop raining by the time my shift was over.  And suddenly, the rain stopped.  It was only a short rainstorm, the kind that lasts for a few minutes but leaves a lasting impression with flooded streets and power outages.  The sun wasn’t ready to peak out just yet, but by the time early evening rolled around, all of the trees and flowers had that special look about them that only comes after a rainstorm, each color richer and contrasting beautifully against the dark green.

Sunshine was all around me when it was time for my daily barre class.  Sunshine and ballet barre, two of my favorite things.  What seemingly started out as a rainy day turned into what was quite a beautiful day.  After all, the flowers, trees, and grass could not grow without rain!

Since I did not have anything fashion or beauty related ready to post today, I wanted to share something that I hope will brighten your day.  In addition to all things fashion and beauty, I want Graceful Glass Slipper to be a place where you can find little pieces of positivity.

What inspires you?

xo, Carly

P.S. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board “beautiful words” and follow me on Instagram @carlybrazeal.  The link to my post about inspiration boards can be found here:  


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