Graceful Glass Slipper Pins


I have mentioned before how much I love Pinterest, because it is a place I look to for inspiration.  There is style, beauty, and interior design inspiration; and so much more than that.  I just began adding original Graceful Glass Slipper pins to my account!  There are three new boards on my account: beauty features, my style, and my instagram.  In “beauty features” you will find all of the images of the products that I talk about here on Graceful Glass Slipper.  “My style” is, of course, all of my looks and pieces that I love.  “My instagram” will be the pictures I post to my account.

 I haven’t been able to figure out how to pin directly from, but you can pin the images from my blog from my Pinterest account.  Above are some images that I have recently added to my Pinterest (clockwise from top left):

❤ Kora Organics 3 Step System for Sensitive Skin

❤ Rose Gold Kate Spade Bow Bracelet

❤ Gratitude Affirmation Card, Kora Organics Daily Hand Cream and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm

❤ Tularosa Isabella Dress in Blush

There is a direct link to my Pinterest in the side bar.  I hope you enjoy these pictures, and thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate you taking time to read my blog!

xo, Carly


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