Delicate Details



This morning when my alarm went off, I pressed snooze as usual.  I only let myself press snooze once, otherwise I could press the snooze button for an hour straight (with the loud bell ringing every ten minutes).  So this morning when my alarm went off for the second time, I knew it was time to get up….except I decided to “just lie there with my eyes open” for a few more minutes.  Needless to say, I fell back asleep, but thankfully I woke up twenty minutes later!  Luckily, I still had plenty of time to get ready, and only had to omit curling my hair.  Does it take anyone else exactly twenty minutes to curl their hair?

It is Wednesday after all, so messy hair seems justifiably reasonable, hehe.  I thought the middle of the week seemed liked the perfect time to share a Delicate Details post.  Inspiration images, pretty things, and beautiful words always refresh my creativity.  After reading the life-changing magic of tidying up, I’ve begun to realize just how much our surroundings influence us.  I still have a few categories left to discard and organize, but I am already beginning to feel the effects of only keeping what I truly love and “sparks joy.”

One of the first things I see in the morning is my bedside table, so it is important to me that it is not only visually appealing, but has meaningful items and radiates positivity.  Without further ado, here are my bedside Delicate Details:

Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself by Miranda Kerr are beautiful books full of inspiration and positive affirmations.

❤ My clear, pink, jewel shaped paperweight my Grandma gave to me, that is perfect for helping books keep their shape.

❤ My dad bought me this “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly” coaster when we went on vacation to South Haven, Michigan many years ago.

❤ I have always kept a lovely scent on my bedside table, and the DOLCE&GABBANA  Dolce Parfum has a beautiful bottle to match.  I also keep one with my makeup display!  Both are mini bottles that I purchased with Sephora Beauty Insider points.

❤ You will always find prescription eyeglasses next to my bed.  Back in April, I did a whole post on my Miu Miu cat eye glasses.  They came with a blush velvet case, which matches my bedside table perfectly.

❤ In addition to the  affirmation cards on my desk, I keep a box full of handwritten ones on my bedside table as well.  You can just make out the butterfly and floral print of the box in the upper right hand corner of the picture.

What types of things do you keep on your bedside table?  Thank you for reading, and thank you for the kind comments on Instagram.  I feel very grateful for everyone who takes time to read this blog!

xo, Carly


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