Petal Petal


Petal petal….as in fresh SUGAR tinted lip balm in PETAL and rose petals of course!  There are always fresh flowers on the dining room table at my house, and more often than not, they are roses.  I am not sure why, but roses (the petals to be exact), really inspire my style.  There is something about the colors and texture of them.  Also, I have done a few posts on Graceful Glass Slipper where I have talked about how much I love the fresh SUGAR tinted lip balm in ROSE.  I wanted to share with you another beautiful color it comes in: PETAL!  It is a bit darker than the ROSE, more of a nude pink.  As the years go by, I am learning more about which colors work on me.  I have a feeling that I will be wearing the fresh SUGAR tinted lip balm in ROSE and PETAL for years to come.

One of the great things about fresh tinted lip balms is that you can purchase the mini sizes to try out the different colors before purchasing the full size!  I don’t like to waste products, which is why I keep my makeup collection small.  Petal, petal off to Sephora, because you have to try these tinted lip balms!  They come in several different colors to suit different skin tones, and the formula is long lasting and oh-so comfortable (I could sleep in it!).

Since rose petals are the focus of today’s post, I want to share a little story about my day so far.

This morning, I got my hair colored back to it’s natural color.  I love it and have been wanting to do this for a while now, and I cannot wait to share pictures!  Anyway, since the salon is upstairs to the gift shop I work at, I didn’t want to drive all the way back home only to come right back for my shift.  There is a Starbucks right next door, so I decided to pack my lunch and bring my laptop along to fill the time.  I was a little uncomfortable at first, but now I am really enjoying working on my laptop somewhere other than my desk.  The delicious smell of coffee and pastries doesn’t hurt, either.  Being in a public place while reading my favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs and working on my own blog feels like a great change of pace.  One of my favorite posts I have read today is from  It is a Recipe Box post featuring a Dairy-and-Gluten Free Pistachio Rose Cake!


I used to bake all the time, but I haven’t for a while.  This cake looks so pretty (and yummy) that I may try baking again!  Baking healthy, delicious treats in the kitchen was something I always felt to be very relaxing.   I could get my mind off everything by focusing on one thing, indulge a little, and share the finished product with family and friends.  I once even made my own granola bars!  Maybe next Sunday, before I throw on a mask and settle in to watch my tv shows (see previous post), I will try baking something.  Of course, I will share the results on Graceful Glass Slipper!

From writing this, I think roses inspire more than just my style, but inspire beauty to baking and everything in between.  Flowers and how each flower is both unique and beautiful in it’s own way was a theme in my favorite book, Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.  This helped me so much with self-acceptance.

Have you read Treasure Yourself?  Also, I would love to hear in the comment section if you decide to try any of the fresh SUGAR tinted lip balms!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog today, it means so much to me!  I hope you all are having a lovely week so far!

xo, Carly


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