Signature Bag Mockup


Hi everyone!  Today I am doing a little update on my progress with the Parsons and Teen Vogue Certificate Program.  For this assignment, I was to create a mockup of my ‘signature bag’.  The first step was to create a fabric card, which was actually the assignment that came right before it.  This is one of the reasons I love this program so much!  Each assignment seems to build off each other.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and got three swatches of fabric that I thought were cohesive enough to create a common theme.


I found myself drawn to the very feminine fabrics with an enchanted feel.  This makes total sense when I think about my personal style and aesthetic.  Hint: all things rose colored paired with chic neutrals.

My dream signature bag is a clean, structured shape with a chic, feminine detail.  This is the first mockup bag in my ‘Enchanted Tote Collection’.  The first bag has an airy, floral fabric wrapped around the top; and the next two bags in the collection will be very similar. The difference being the fabric used to create the wrap around detail!  Also, instead of muslin (which I am still using as I learn to sew), I will pick out a different fabric for each bag in the collection.  Here is a chart I made that explains the total production cost and profit goal:


Jo-Ann Fabrics was so kind to give me three free fabric swatches!  Because of that, the total production cost is lower.  However, if I am to continue creating Enchanted Tote Bags, then the chart will change slightly as the production cost increases.  This assignment is simply a mockup.

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside the production process!  If any of you have any questions about this program I am doing with Parsons and Teen Vogue, feel free to ask me in the comment section or on Instagram and Twitter @carlybrazeal.  I wish you all a beautiful week!  Pursue you dreams and act with love.  You are beautiful inside and out!

Xo, Carly


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