Cream & Roses

*Dear readers, this post is one of my assignments for the Parsons and Teen Vogue Certificate Program.  As always, thank you so much for reading!


Cream colored neutrals and rose hues all around.  That is what my fashion dreams are made of!  Beauties, do you ever find yourself stopped by a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?  I know I do, every time I walk into the market.  On another note, pink roses always cheer me up.  The Enchanted Tote and Mini Pouch are a set that I designed as part of a fashion certificate program, as a part of my journey to finding my voice and aesthetic.  Originally created out of muslin, they were designed with the ability to evolve.  A tote was the type of bag I first thought to design, because I am still in search of the perfect tote to take to the market on Sundays.

A tote with a bouquet of roses placed inside = A fashion dream

A fashion dream is something that is chic and dressy yet functional and comfortable.

I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I do!

xx, Carly


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