Lauren Conrad: Fashion Designer, Blogger, & Author



Lauren Conrad is someone whom I look up to very, very much.  I first became a fan of her clothing line at Kohl’s, and then shortly after I found out that she had her own website (  Her site quickly became a daily read for me, and then I started reading her books.  I first read Lauren Conrad Beauty, and then the L.A. Candy series.  It wasn’t long until I also read The Fame Game series as well as Lauren Conrad Style.  Her newest book, Lauren Conrad Celebrate, is absolutely beautiful.  I keep it next to my bedside table for decoration, and for reference as well!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Lauren Conrad also has a fashion line called Paper Crown, and today I am wearing the Wilmington Dress from her Paper Crown line.  Each Paper Crown piece is feminine, elegant, and simply a dream.  This dress is my first ever Paper Crown piece, and it is so comfortable.  I’ve already received many compliments on it!  The dress is sold out on their website, but there are a few left on Amazon, which is where I purchased mine.

So, not only is Lauren Conrad a respected fashion designer, but she is also a bestselling author and blogger as well.  This is why she inspires me, because she has gracefully created a career for herself that combines both fashion and writing.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today, and in the comment section I would love to know who inspires you!

Much love,

Carly xx


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