Tocca Hand Cream


Hi beauties!  Right now seems like the perfect time to sit down and write to you all, because I am currently doing laundry at my dorm and waiting for my clothes to finish drying.  I did not plan very well today and after loading all of my clothes in the washer, I realized I did not have enough quarters to work the dryers.  In a bit of a panic, I ran to the nearest business, a pizza place down the street.  They weren’t able to help me, but the place next door that sells shaved ice had an ATM machine.  Yay!  A really kind man at the counter gave me change in a bunch of quarters, too.  If it weren’t for him, I would be hanging eighty percent of my clothes out to dry.  I feel so grateful!

Now that I am finished with my story, I want talk about this hand cream by Tocca that I purchased at The Paris Market yesterday.  I am always on the look out for inexpensive, high-quality hand creams because I wash my hands a lot, therefore hand cream is an absolute must.  What stood out to me about this line is the unique scents … Watermelon Frangipani?  Yum!  In addition to the lovely scent, it leaves my skin feeling silky and soft.  And I will admit, I adore the packaging.  The back of the bottle says Love Yourself, a sweet reminder as you go about your day.

I will continue to share the different scents I buy, as well as keep you all updated on some of their other products that I plan on trying.  After being stressed out over laundry, which really isn’t a big deal, it was still nice to go back to my dorm and use my new favorite hand cream.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love for you to share in the comment section what your favorite hand cream is!

Much love,

Carly xx


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