Beauty From Within


Today, I came across this beautiful quote that This Is Glamorous shared.  It is such a strong reminder that beauty comes from within, and I am even thinking about framing it and putting it in my room!

This is why it resonates with me, and I hope that resonates with you, too.

There are days when we aren’t able to do our hair and makeup, and days where our favorite clothes to wear are in the laundry.  There are days when we wake up not feeling our best, and there are those mornings that follow bad nights.  There are days when it is difficult to keep our chins up, or keep our cheeks from turning red in front of people.  It isn’t always realistic to receive kindness each day from everyone and everything, but that is okay because every morning we get to wake up and choose how we are going to treat ourselves and others.

You are beautiful, even on your most challenging of days!  Even when others have treated you as less than, you are worthy of love and kindness.  Are those not the most beautiful qualities of all?

We can choose to exude this type of beauty, the kind that no one can take away from us.  Love for others, and love for ourselves.  It is this beauty, the beauty that comes from deep within our hearts, that is everlasting.

Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx


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