Why is it important to let go of things?


The people and traditions we hold close to our hearts will always be there, and letting go of them doesn’t change that.  Letting go allows us to to create new traditions and meet new people, and this act of letting go of something meaningful can be important to hold onto something else.

Something that I am realizing is that when happy memories come to an end, it is natural to feel sad that they are over.  Thinking about those times are comforting, but letting go of them is important to grow.  Constantly thinking about what was and wishing that things could still be that way keeps us from moving in the direction that we are meant to go in.

I love what Caroline Myss says, “Just let go.  Let go of how you though your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work is way into your consciousness.”  I talked about these words on my blog last Summer, in a very different way than I am talking about them now.

These words do not come from a bad place, for they come from a point of gratitude.  One thing that helps me is acknowledging how grateful I am to have had that person or tradition in my life, and let go.  Let go but hold onto myself.  We can always be there for ourselves, with our inner light shining perspective on where to go next.  I seem to forget about myself sometimes, as odd as it may sound; because it is easy to loose ourselves in the midst of everything else (i.e. maintaining friendships and hectic schedules).  I never want to disappoint anyone, so I have the tendency to put others before myself.  For me, this is a sign that it is time to let go a little because the moment I begin to slack off with self-care and self-love, I am not able to give my best self to others.  Our friends and family deserve our best selves, but more than anything, we deserve to be our best selves.  If letting go helps us hold onto it, then it is worth it, even if it hurts.

Always know that when you do have to let go of someone special or something important, there is still love all around you.

Thank you for reading,

Carly xx

P.S. I know my writing may be seen as mushy, but I feel like we see so much negativity from day to day that it can be like chicken soup for the soul.  Graceful Glass Slipper is meant to be a heartwarming place to go to at the end of the day!

Photo Source: Ohh Couture


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