My Three Day Juice Cleanse


Happy Fri-yay beauties!  My three day juice cleanse is ending today, so tomorrow I get to eat solid food again.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about juice cleansing, and while I am not a certified nutritionist and everything on my blog is solely my opinion, I believe that juicing is a great way to flush toxins out of our bodies, clear up skin, and improve mental clarity (I’ve experienced all of this over these past three days).

Nevertheless, I decided to do a juice cleanse because I have been experiencing stomach discomfort every single day over these past few months, and I haven’t been able pin point what has been causing it.  While I first thought that it could be stress, I now know that it is definitely something I am eating, because I have felt amazing just drinking juice these past three days.  Hopefully, as I reintroduce food into my diet, I will be able to figure out what it is that my body isn’t liking.

My cleanse included five veggie/fruit juices, one nut milk, and one wellness shot per day. Interestingly enough, yesterday and today have been a breeze, and the first day was the most challenging.

On the outside, my skin is much more smooth and glow-ey (always a bonus to doing a juice cleanse).  My skin also has the tendency to be a bit on the rosier side, and today I went without makeup because I noticed that my skin tone was more even.  This will definitely make me more aware of what I am putting into my body, since it effects me in more ways than one.

Many of my friends have asked me, “How are you doing this?  Are you hungry?”  My answer is no.  Yes, I would love to sit down and eat a meal, but I am not tummy-growling hungry because my body knows that it is detoxing.  Our bodies are smart, as they can adapt to anything; and our digestive system needs a break every once in a while.  The biggest thing for me is the challenge a juice cleanse is mentally.  I noticed, especially on day one, that I want food the most when I am stressed or upset about something.  Maybe even more so than focusing on eating clean (I like to eat 80% super healthy, 20% indulgent), I am going to make sure that I am eating when I am calm.  Food can make us feel better, but especially with the stomach issues I have been having, it is important for me to be extra conscious about not just what I’m eating, but why I’m eating so that I can make the best choices possible.

I have two juices left to drink today, and I’m excited to drink them because they are delicious!  If you live in Savannah or close to the Savannah area, I would most definitely recommend doing a juice cleanse through Beetnix.  Everyone who works there is so kind, and makes an effort to know your name.  I love going in there and sitting down at one of their funky tables to eat a smoothie bowl, superfood toppings and all.

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?  I would love to hear what your experience was like in the comment section, and feel free to leave any questions for me!  As always, thank you so much for reading.

Much love,

Carly xx


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