7 Things


Hi beauties!  A few things today….

1. I finished Orange Is the New Black a couple days ago, after binge watching all five seasons that are out since I have been home on Summer break.  It is my new favorite show.

2. I just read this article about confidence by The Skinny Confidential that I really resonated with.

3. I am so excited for July.  I have a road trip planned to go visit one of my best friends, and I’m also turning nineteen!

4. I haven’t worn makeup in two weeks.

5. How beautiful is Summer?  I have been trying not to spend a lot of money so that I can save for school, but I may have to pick up flowers sometime soon.  I saw the bunch of peonies above at the market a couple weeks ago, and was practically swooning.

6. After a Winter and Spring Quarter at school where I barely slept at all, I think I am finally all caught up on sleep.

7. June really has been a month of rest.  I feel so refreshed after allowing myself to simply sleep and watch Netflix when I am not at work.

I hope all of you are having a lovely week!

Carly xx










3 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. I love how you just update your followers! People need to do more posts like this, I keep wanting to start OITNB but I keep going on the fence about it! Great post, definitely following, it’d mean a lot if you checked mine out too x


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