What I’m Looking Forward To in the Organic Beauty World

Hi beauties!  Yesterday I did a post on Instagram (@carlybrazeal) about how excited I was about all of the amazing things happening in the beauty/health/wellness world right now.  I feel inspired by beauty and health companies more than anything.  I think that taking care of our inner and outer selves isn’t vain, and is like what Jolene Hart explains as having a healthy vanity.  I decided it would be fun to do a small roundup of a few things I am following and looking forward to in beauty and wellness right now.  For me, using organic personal care products and eating as healthy as possible allows me to feel my best.  I also feel passionate about health and wellness, and I love meeting others who are, too.


Photo: Instagram @thebeautychef

I cannot wait for Carla Oates’ (aka, The Beauty Chef) cookbook to become available in the U.S.!  The Beauty Chef lives by the idea that “Beauty begins in the belly.”  I have personally tried (and loved) her GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, which was her first product of many.


Photo: Instagram @koraorganics

I sound like a broken record again and again as I rave about Kora Organics.  They recently came out with four new products (one being a health supplement), and all four products are now available at Sephora!  It warms my heart to see the brand growing.  I really cannot wait to try the Noni Glow Face Oil pictured above.  I am thinking about splurging and purchasing it closer to my birthday!


This Beauty Fix Balm by The Beauty Chef is so reasonably priced and packed with good for you ingredients like fermented organic coconut and rosehip oil.  You can use it as a moisturizer, lip balm, or even eye cream!  It seems to me that it is a great product to have in your beauty arsenal, and after I get a pot of my own, I will do a full review here on GGS!


Photo: Wildflower Gypsy

This is the Gypsy Brunette Dry Shampoo by Wildflower Gypsy.  I actually met Chelsea, the creator of Wildflower Gypsy, in Savannah where I go to school and where she a based out of.  She is truly a kind person, and her products are so beautiful!  I cannot wait to try them, and this dry shampoo will be the first (her Instragram is @a_wildflower_gypsy, and is one of my favorite accounts to follow).

Thank you all so much for reading,

Carly xx


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