In the News….


Hello beauties!  Writing from my dining room this morning, which has become my favorite spot to start my morning; going through my planner while drinking my morning smoothie and sipping my daily cup of jo.  Sundays and Mondays are like my weekends, so Saturday evenings are like my Friday nights.  All of these locally grown sunflowers took my breathe away when I stopped at The Dorothy Lane Market after dinner Saturday evening.  I went into the market thinking that I was going to pick up a treat for dessert, but I ended up walking away with a little bunch of flowers instead (they sell mini bouquets for only a few dollars, and it had one sunflower so I couldn’t resist).  What can I say?  Flowers just make me really happy.

But there is something I want to address.  With so much going on in the news, and so much hate being spoken about, I want to share what I think here on my blog.

Each and every one of us, at the heart of our very nature, wants to live a loving life.  We were not born to hate other human beings, no matter what; and we cannot control the behavior of others.  Anger fuels hate, and the only way we can overpower this energy is with love; because love is at the core of our beings.

I don’t think that I have to even explain the events that I am referencing, because we all know what is going on whether it is through social media or the news.  Right now, it may seem as if we are helpless to what is happening.  But everything we do can be an act that creates little shifts in our world.  The more love and positivity that we allow to flow through us, the more light will shine on what is right, what our truth is for being here in the place we are now.

We can choose to speak kindly about others, and to others.  We can lend a helping hand, and speak positively about what is around us.  We can love, appreciate, and accept ourselves; so that we can love, appreciate, and accept others.  We are here to explore this world and open ourselves up to new possibilities.  Don’t let a wave of negativity overpower the ocean of light and love that you always having flowing through you.

Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx


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