Balance Part 1: Falling Behind It All

I used to think that balance came in the form of eating healthy, but not too healthy; or exercising just the right amount each week while checking off every last thing on my to do list.  Sometimes, it isn’t always possible to hold ourselves to these standards.  We are here to live joyously and not worry so much about living up to what we think we “should” do.  Because once we let go of the things we think we should do, we open ourselves up to all that we possibly could do.

There are countless articles available to us about the coveted idea of achieving a balanced life.  But with every article, there seems to be a checklist of the things we have to do first before we get to feel calm and happy.  I have always looked for ways to stay centered; yoga, cooking, writing, sewing (which is a part of my dream even!), and ballet to name a few.  And even though I love doing all of these things, and do them each on a weekly basis, they are not the ways I stay balanced.  By balanced I mean, calm, happy, positive, and grateful.  When we are centered, we feel vibrant and light.

For me, I remain centered by falling behind it all.  Falling behind it all by recognizing that my thoughts are just thoughts, and really, we are there behind it all recognizing these thoughts and experiencing what we choose to think about.  We can travel in any way we choose, with our emotions guiding us to better feeling thoughts.  I am not saying that negative thoughts or emotions are a bad thing, for they are there to let us know to choose something more positive to think about, and as you focus your light on the positive, the positive thoughts begin to multiply the more you focus on them (which is why I practice daily affirmations).  Knowing that I am not my thoughts and falling behind it all and observing them, I feel calm and light in knowing that I can direct my thoughts in any way I choose, and from there, create a life I love.

What are your thoughts on staying balanced/centered?  I would love to know your perspective in the comment section!  And as always, thank you so much for reading.

xx Carly


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