Cup of Comfort


Because of Hurricane Irma, my fall quarter has been postponed one week (if you are new to my blog, I go to the Savannah College of Art & Design down in Georgia, right on the coast in the beautiful historic downtown).  Currently thinking about the city I treasure so much and my friends that I just cannot wait to see next week!  You see, my plan was to drive all day Friday and move into my new dorm Saturday, but now the city of Savannah (the entire coast actually), is under a mandatory evacuation starting Saturday!  All SCAD students already there evacuated to the Atlanta campus Thursday morning.  So here I am….typing away….sending as much positivity as I can to all of my friends who own homes and have families there; picturing moving in next week after the news that the hurricane just missed Savannah.

In the meantime, I will be here in Ohio spending more time with my puppies, picking up some extra shifts at Agnes & Orson, and slowly packing up the rest of my things.  I love the fall weather we are having and all of the fall activities it calls for: bundling up in the mornings, taking in the fall light pouring through the windows and the soft, cold breeze that filters through the screens; cozying up in fleece and thermal wear; drinking hot coffee, with my hands wrapped around both sides of the cup, holding it against my chest just under my nose.  Yes, I embrace the details of fall wholeheartedly.  How stunning the leaves are when they change color, striking against the blue sky, no color or pattern on one leaf is the same as the one next to it.  And then, at the peak of their beauty, they begin to lose their color before shriveling and falling to the ground.  Throughout winter, the trees are bare, until spring when we begin to see tiny buds and then the leaves and flowers, resilient as they are, continue on in the beautiful process of life.  I love this reminder, that no matter how many times we fall, we are resilient.  The dead, frozen leaf on the ground in all its stillness is a sign that it is time to reflect, the achingly beautiful season of winter reminding us to be still, be soft, give, and remember that through a seemingly painful stillness, there is beauty.

Now, you probably clicked on this post because you wanted the recipe for what I call a cup of comfort, and it is coming!  This cup of comfort could actually be called cup of ingredients that are healthy AF, but I try not to swear.  I don’t measure ingredients out precisely, but if you are new to drinking apple cider vinegar, start out with just a teaspoon or two per cup of water until you get used to the taste and your body gets used to its amazing beauty detox benefits!  Without further ado, here is a cup of comfort:

❤ Heat up a mug of water in the microwave until warm

❤ Squeeze in half a lemon

❤ Add apple cider vinegar (I used a big spoon to “measure” mine out)

❤ Stir in a tiny bit of raw honey (1/2-1 teaspoon)

I hope you enjoy this mini recipe, and with the ingredients being detoxing as well as relaxing, it is the perfect accompaniment to a heartwarming movie.  I recently watched Carrie Pilby on Netflix, and I cannot recommend it enough!  The last line gave me goosebumps.

Goodnight beauties,

xx Carly


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