How I Remember My Positive Affirmations Throughout the Day

Photo source: Paris In Four Months

Good morning beauties!  Say/write these with me….

❤ I am confident, successful, and joyous.

❤ Every thought I think is creating my future.

❤ I demonstrate love through my actions.

❤ I communicate with myself often and with kindness.

Little by little, these positive thoughts in the form of affirmations can really set our days off on the right foot.  Such a simple idea, but our thoughts are so powerful!  Something that really works for me is creating a little note on my iPhone of four affirmations (I always pick four for no particular reason), screen-shotting the note and setting it as my wallpaper so that each time I go to unlock my phone, I read the affirmations.


I have talked before about how I like to write affirmations in my journal, and I still do that!  I just find in really helpful to have this constant reminder of my intentions for the day.  I would love to hear in the comment section if you decide to try this!

Thank you so much for reading,

xx Carly


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