Life Update #2


❤ Snaps from this weekend (and yes, that is an oddly shaped sunburn)

I left for Savannah super early on Thursday last week, and nearly fourteen hours later, I made it to Savannah.  I stayed at my friend’s apartment that night because I couldn’t move into my new dorm just yet.  We talked for hours and took silly Snapchats, because what else do you do when you haven’t seen one of your best friends in over three months?

With almost all my belongings in my little blue car, I had never felt more like a college student.  I kind of love knowing at this stage of my life that I can just pack up all of my things, put them in my car, and hit the road.  It makes me feel free.  Life becomes crazy beautiful when we connect to the ebbs and flows, handling obstacles with grace and being grateful for all of our blessings.

The next morning, I helped my friend get settled in her apartment, drank coffee with her mom (who is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met), and at noon the three of us headed to my new dorm to unload my car (I am so, so grateful to them for helping me).  After we dropped the last box in my new home, my friend’s mom took us out for lunch in beautiful Savannah.  We sat outside, and I ordered quinoa salad and hummus and pita.  That night, I reunited with another one of my good friends to celebrate her birthday (oh, how I have missed my friends).

I was out until 1:30am, and got up at 5am to get ready and pick up the same friend I stayed with on the first night.  Our destination?  Atlanta, Georgia for Music Midtown!  Music Midtown was my first music festival.  I had no idea what to expect, and I remember that there was a time where I didn’t think I would ever be able to experience something like a music festival because my anxiety was so bad.  I honestly don’t know how to put Music Midtown into words.  There is just an energy with live music that is indescribable.  Everyone just becomes absorbed in it, swaying side to side and getting completely lost in the moment.  My favorite show (and now favorite band) was actually a group that I have never heard of or listened to before, a band called Pvris (pronounced Paris).  I have now been listening to both of the records they have out non-stop!

My classes started this week and I am settling into a new routine here in Savannah.  I didn’t get home from the music festival until about 3am on Monday morning, but I was so excited and still feeling the energy from the live music that I wasn’t tired.  This quarter I am taking Intro to Fashion, Intro to Textiles, and French I.  Also, I promise that I do prioritize sleep!  There were just so many things going on and so many people I’ve missed.

I had two classes today, so I am going to spend the rest of my Wednesday doing homework, winding down, and maybe running a little laundry.  Thank you so much for reading!

xx Carly


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