Mood Boards & Miu Miu

❤ A Miu Miu editorial photo that I included in one of my homework “assignments”

Tomorrow starts the second week of my fall quarter, and wow, I can’t believe my classes. Yes, they are a lot of work.  Here at SCAD, we have three-day weekends and I am not exaggerating when I say that I have been doing hours of work each day.  But I am so grateful, because it is work I enjoy, and some of my assignments include things that I already do in my free time (I am a fashion design major).  Of course, there are times when I may be tired and just want to take a nap or watch a movie.  Usually though, I get into a work flow and my assignments create inspiration for me.  With my classes, creativity is required and sometimes inspiration isn’t there right away.  But I have found that if I just start working, I get into a flow and from there, I see things that I didn’t before.  Does this make sense?  These may just sound like ramblings of an art student 🙂

This weekend I have been working on a visual trend report, which contrary to what it sounds like, it is more of a mood board forecasting the designs I will create.  I am really loving how it is turning out, and I will for sure share the finished assignment here on GGS as well as the inspiration behind it all.  This is for my Intro to Fashion class, and for that class I also have been finishing up my designer presentation.  We are to pick a designer and do a small biography, and choose a favorite collection; talking about what we believe was the inspiration behind it.

Something I am trying to be mindful about this year is my stress levels.  I often would find myself putting off things that I didn’t believe I could do perfectly, and this would result in me scrambling to finish assignments.  It all came from a point of me believing that I couldn’t do what I set out to do.  Here are some of the things I tell myself to release doubt, fear, and ultimately, stress so that I can create the life I imagine for myself.

I can do anything I can imagine, and I am worthy and confident.  Self-love is being soft and kind towards ourselves, but it is also discipline.  I choose to make choices from a point of self-love, and be okay with how everything is in the moment, because once I am okay with everything, I will be okay within myself.

Thank you so much for reading,

xx Carly



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