Self-Love and Care

I read an article this morning about self-care and how it has become a symbol of status, and more than anything, an excuse to self-indulge.  We all have our different ways of taking care of ourselves, whether it be through splurging on a super healthy food or exercise class, but doing these things doesn’t automatically make us happy.  Yes, I do eat smoothie bowls and talk about organic skincare often, but I am realizing that my own self-love and care comes from within rather than anything external that I could purchase.

With self-love comes self-care, because the more we love ourselves, the more we care for ourselves.  It seeps into every part of our lives, creating the world we dream of.  Since beginning my sophomore year of college, I have meditated every morning for ten minutes.  The more I think about it, nothing materialistic has ever made me happy on it’s own.  Beauty products, barre classes, green juice….it has always been the gratitude I have consciously felt or the self-love I chose to feel that made me feel vibrant and joyful from these things.  All of our emotions act as a guide from our spirit, helping point us in the right direction.  I recently realized that I was feeling negative emotion, with some of my old habits coming back.  Worrying over the littlest things, rushing to get things done and feeling like I am not worthy enough are some of the habits/thought patterns I am talking about.  And then I found out last night that October 10 is World Mental Health Day, so I promised myself that I would spend the day being conscious of how I feel so that I could guide myself to the best possible choices and thoughts.  I read the article about self-care this morning, that I just happened to stumble across, and it has made all the difference in my day so far.  It is so interesting to me how different my decisions are when I consciously think about how I feel.  Sometimes the quick fix for feeling good turns out to feel worse in the end.  For me, the strongest ways I care for myself are meditating, practicing affirmations, and being  mindful of my point of attraction.  Everything seems to fall into place when I focus my light on these things.

I would love to hear in the comment section what you think about self-care.  As always, thank you so much for reading!

xx Carly


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