Lemons & Pre-quarter Assignments

Yippee!!  I finally got taken off the waitlist for a class I wanted to be in this quarter, just in time to start working on the pre-quarter assignment that will be due in class next week.

I feel/sound very rainbows/unicorns right now, but I want to share a little realness with you all going into my winter quarter as a sophomore.  Life isn’t a series of perfect events.  In fact, it is important to fail and go through difficult times to learn the lessons that we came into this life to learn.

My fall quarter as a sophomore at SCAD was extremely difficult for me.  Both of my studio classes were fashion, and I struggled in them in ways I did not expect.  They were both intro classes (one for fashion, my major, and one for textiles), and as the quarter progressed I felt more and more like a failure, and questioned who I was in ways that I hadn’t before.  “Failure” may seem like a strong word, and I know that I have a tendency to be hard on myself (don’t we all?).  But, imagine taking the introductory class for your major (the area that you’ve known you wanted to do for yearrrrrrs) and having one of your professors tell you that you weren’t good enough.  I have always really respected my teachers/professors, and I didn’t want to write off the experiences I had in some of my first fashion classes just because they were difficult or painful to go through.  I’ve thought about the work I produced all break long, and even though it wasn’t’ my best, I feel peace in knowing that I learned something from each mistake, and each experience that I perceived as a failure.  I am here to learn, and sometimes that comes by messing up every once in a while.  I mentioned self-doubt in my last post, and that is a reoccurring obstacle for me.  Sometimes I crave rigid structure because it lessens the chance that I will f***-up.  The creative field intimidates me sometimes because it is an opportunity to to express who I am, rather than safely retreating back into my shell.  I could solve a math problem and no one could say no or disagree with me because I can easily have cold, hard facts to back it up.  With fashion, I could have people tell me my work sucks, and that is that.  Even though I want confirmation from my professors that I’m doing everything the right way, it isn’t completely possible in art school, because I have to be passionate and confident in my work to produce something truly special; and that means pushing through my own self-doubt.

Ah, thank you for listening/reading!  Please feel free to leave comments below.  GGS is a space where we can talk about our experiences, because we are here on this earth to be there for one another 🙂  I’m also going to leave some photos at the end of this post from the For Love & Lemons Holiday 2017 RTW collection.  It is a huge part of my pre-quarter assignment for my upcoming class that I start next week, and the editorial for this recent For Love & Lemons collection is fierce and feminine.  Like all of their collections, I love how the soft, subtle details make each piece unique.

Until next time….

Much love,

Carly xx




And a closer look at this dress….I mean (insert heart eyes)





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