Thoughts On Priorities

Hey y’all!  I guess this is my “y’all” debut on GGS.  Two years ago I would’ve most definitely argued that y’all was not a word, and now I say it I-don’t-know-how-many-times a day.  When I went back home to Ohio for a few days to spend Christmas with my parents, my lips were practically quivering trying not to say y’all.  But, I accept it now.  Y’all is just a part of my vocabulary, and I’m okay with that.  Love yourself.

And right now, I’m being silly and lighthearted….just wanted to make that clear haha.

Now, on another note….it’s Sunday night!  You know what I mean, SUNDAY NIGHT, as in, the night before a school day.  My winter quarter starts tomorrow!  At the forefront of my mind is staying aligned with what is truly, truly important.  Classes and careers and fulfilling commitments are all things that I value.  But, this quarter my main priority isn’t to make the grades in my classes.  While that is a priority (a priority high on my list), my most vital priority is to take care of myself, inside and out.  Some of the ways I do that are by saying affirmations to myself throughout the day, writing, exercising, and putting a little extra effort into my daily and nightly beauty routines (a bit vain but who doesn’t feel better internally when they do this?).  The more we take care of ourselves, the more we are able to give to others as well as ourselves.  I feel like we hear that sentiment all the time, but do we really internalize it?  Will we skip eating a meal to finish an assignment?  Sometimes it’s important to tough it out.  However, it is so much more important to be kind to ourselves.  Instead of worrying what others may say to us, it is important to tune into our own intuition, and choose positive thoughts.  For example, I love eating healthy, and I try to remember that it is equally important to feed my mind with positive thoughts.  Self-love (said in a not so silly way at this point in the post) is my main priority right now, because without it, nothing else is possible.  Okay, maybe we could go through life accomplishing things without actually enjoying our lives.  Except, I do not want to “wait” for something to make me happy.  I want to be happy through all of it.  I want to be happy even when I’m sad, if that makes any sense.  As cheesy as it may sound, life is a gift.  We are here to learn and to feel.  I always think of unhappiness as being akin to numbness.  I’m unhappy when I’m not being myself, or just “getting through the day,” rather than being present in every moment.  I remember reading in The Untethered Soul that we have to feel so that energy can flow through our hearts.  Maybe I will write another post about my own personal experience with this, because there is so much I would love to talk about and share.

Until my next post, feel free to leave a comment below!

Much love,

Carly xx


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