Rose Quartz Luminizer & Inspiration

This Rose Quartz Luminizer by Kora Organics is my new favorite thing!  I wear it almost every day.  It gives a dewy, soft pink glow to my cheekbones, which I love because I don’t like the look of powdered blush on my fair, freckled complexion.  Like all Kora products, this one contains certified organic noni extract, with some of the other ingredients being coconut oil and rose quartz powder crystal extract (hi vibrations of love!!!).

I started wearing makeup again, after not having worn it for months and months.  I maybe spend ten minutes or so doing it, but that is a start, right?  Most of the products I’m using are ones I’ve used before, with the exception of this luminizer and a mascara I cannot wait to share!

I also cannot believe that January is almost over.  I feel like everyone is saying this, but it is true.  I have started two posts in the past couple weeks for GGS, but didn’t finish either one.  Sometimes I want to plan everything out, but it doesn’t work for me.  I immediately feel overwhelmed when I try to plan everything to a T and create long to-do-lists.  There are those things we really do need to accomplish in a day, but I’m trying to remember to leave all else to the universe.  I know it sounds strange, but trusting in the universe (or whatever you believe in as a higher power), really can lessen the weight on your shoulders, as I know it does mine.  Living in the present moment and doing the best we can is all we really can do.


If how we feel is a choice, we can always choose to feel better, or do things that will help us get there.  Right now, I could be stressing about all of the homework I have yet to finish….but I always get it done.  I have my whole morning to chip away at it, and even some time for myself to read and write.  We can choose to worry or be resentful towards our current circumstances, or be grateful for all that we have, knowing that the obstacles in our lives right now are there to help us grow.  Seeing the difficulties in our lives as opportunities to grow is both humbling and comforting.

Something I have been telling myself recently is that I am worth it.  It is actually something my Pure Barre instructors tell us during class, when they can tell that it is getting harder and harder to keep going.  Just knowing that we are worth feeling beautiful, strong, and capable can give us the push to take care of and love ourselves.

Alright, until next time….thank you so much for reading.

Much love,

Carly xx


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