Journal 05.25.18

Hello, hello!  Happy Friday beauties.  Currently writing to you all from Rutland Tire, LOL.  My car (aka, Baby Blue) is getting an oil change today.  A week from this coming Sunday I will be driving home, so I gotta make sure my car is ready for the long haul.  It started making this weird noise a couple months ago, too.  And my tires need air….so I guess it is good that I am finally getting this done.

Finals are in full swing for us SCAD students.  I took this weekend off work so that I could get all my projects done and I am so glad I did.  I have kinda gotten to this point where I am beginning to really plan ahead so that I can avoid unnecessary stress.  I remember this time last quarter I was barely sleeping, and last night, I got eight hours….progress?

Oh, and this is the first post since I have begun updating GGS!  I have been wanting to update this site for a while, so that I can make it feel more like me versus an image of me that I felt like I needed to portray.  And at the same time, our final project for my CMPA class is to create a website.  My professor is cool with me revamping the site I already have, so here it is!  The new logo you guys see is my first and middle name in my own handwriting.  Someday, when I have my own fashion label, that is what it is going to be called.

This is the first post going in the journal category under lifestyle.  I would often put posts like this under beautiful words, but I want the beautiful words section to really be focused on spiritual, empowering topics.  The sort of post I am writing now, well, it is just life.  And I think that it is important to share a little bit of that, too.  For some reason, it feels therapeutic to me to journal about my life, sharing the boring or embarrassing things.

I’m so grateful to anyone who takes the time to read GGS, and I’d love to know what you guys think.  Please feel free to leave some feedback/suggestions for me as I continue to work on the site.

And coming soon….

My Spring 2019 collection!

More on that later, hehe.

xx Carly



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