In the News: Finding a New Perspective in the Midst of Recent Events


Hello beauties!  Writing from my dining room this morning, which has become my favorite spot to start my morning; going through my planner while drinking my morning smoothie and sipping my daily cup of jo.  Sundays and Mondays are like my weekends, so Saturday evenings are like my Friday nights.  All of these locally grown sunflowers took my breathe away when I stopped at The Dorothy Lane Market after dinner Saturday evening.  I went into the market thinking that I was going to pick up a treat for dessert, but I ended up walking away with a little bunch of flowers instead (they sell mini bouquets for only a few dollars, and it had one sunflower so I couldn’t resist).  What can I say?  Flowers just make me really happy.

Politics has never been a part of my blog, because it isn’t a part of me.  With so much going on in the news, and so much hate being spoken about, I want to share what I think because politics has turned into something else completely.

Each and every one of us, at the heart of our very nature, wants to live a loving life.  We were not born to hate other human beings, no matter what; and we cannot control the behavior of others.  Anger fuels hate, and the only way we can overpower this energy is with love; because love is at the core of our beings.

I don’t think that I have to even explain the events that I am referencing, because we all know what is going on whether it is through social media or the news.  Right now, it may seem as if we are helpless to what is happening.  But everything we do can be an act that creates little shifts in our world.  The more love and positivity that we allow to flow through us, the more light will shine on what is right, what our truth is for being here in the place we are now.

We can choose to speak kindly about others, and to others.  We can lend a helping hand, and speak positively about what is around us.  We can love, appreciate, and accept ourselves; so that we can love, appreciate, and accept others.  We are here to explore this world and open ourselves up to new possibilities.  Don’t let a wave of negativity overpower the ocean of light and love that you always having flowing through you.

Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx

The Noni Glow


I have mentioned the new Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil many times already so this isn’t a huge reveal, but it is my new #1 favorite product.  I even keep the oil on display next to my makeup brushes!  Noni extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil and sea buckthorn oil make up this beautiful product; and they soothe my skin all on their own just like the Kora Soothing Day and Night Cream.  With just a few drops, my skin feels hydrated and calm; and I have noticed my skin clearing up in a major way (small acne marks that have been there since I was thirteen are fading).  What I love about using an oil is that they last so long, so while it is expensive initially, if you can find an oil that calms, hydrates, brightens, and clears up you skin, then you are not only simplifying your beauty routine, but you are buying one product instead of four.  For me, the more simple and down to earth my beauty routine is, the better I feel and look.  This oil is considered to be more of a treatment, and it ends up being less expensive to use it as both the nourishing skin treatment it is and in lieu of traditional moisturizer.  I have only been using the Noni Glow at night without moisturizer, but I am almost out of my Soothing Day and Night Cream (which I have just been using in the morning recently so that I could see how my skin would react by just applying the oil at night), so when it is all gone I will be using the Noni Glow in the morning as my only moisturizer as well.  I will let you guys know if I end up needing to use a traditional moisturizer again, but so far I am really loving this new oil by Kora.  I am thinking about doing a full post on my skincare routine, because it has changed a bit since I’ve started college (aka, saving money wherever possible!).  Until then, please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section!

Much love,

Carly xx

Pain Teaches Us So Much About Ourselves


I don’t know why I all the sudden feel so comfortable with putting it all out there.  I have always considered myself to be a pretty private person, only telling my most personal things to close friends that I have grown to really trust.  To say that I don’t care what other people think of me isn’t it.  It has more to do with me believing that everyone struggles with something.  And here is me, talking about my something.

Do you have a favorite book that you read when you need to feel grounded, or a place that you visit?  My grounding place used to be my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  They passed away one year after another when I was thirteen and fourteen years old.  Everything about visiting them grounded me; the town, running errands with my Grandma, sitting by the fire with my Grandpa, their smokey garage, and the way history could be felt throughout their house.  My Grandma always had chocolate within arms reach.  Going to their house felt like a big hug.  Even after just spending a couple days there, it always felt like everything within me was centered again.  This was achieved without thinking, without reading a book or saying a word.  Things happen in our worlds and we do not always understand right away why.  I miss them all the time, but I know they are always with me.

This feels like I am writing in my journal, but I am also writing to you all.  I opened my laptop to write about one thing: pain.  It felt right after writing about being broken a couple posts ago (and thank you to everyone who read that post, it means so much to me).  Maybe it is telling that the first thing that I naturally start to write about when I think about pain is losing two of the most important people who were in my life.  We feel pain every day, on different levels and in different ways.  There is physical pain that is bearable because it heals through the natural process of life.  And then there is the pain that doesn’t heal so quickly….that we have to work at and open ourselves to.  It is the pain that is felt through emotions and evoked through experiences.  The type of pain that doesn’t hurt and isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but is real and carries energy.  As I think about this more and more, I believe it is the energy that connects us to our spirit.  When we struggle with something, this “painful” energy must pass through us to heal, but it doesn’t take away from our lives, it adds to it.  It must be felt, completely and in every way that it is whole.

Everything we experience, good or bad, gives us an opportunity to grow.  When I was thirteen and fourteen years old, I was also beginning to become my most insecure.  I didn’t know who I was, and I needed guidance.  The place I would go to feel grounded was gone, and I needed it more than ever.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my life so far, because it has led me to the clarity I am beginning to feel.  Of course I would give anything to spend one last day with my Grandma and Grandpa, but I feel comfort in knowing that they are always with me, and they are there to give advice if I am just willing to listen.

Our pain teaches us so much about ourselves.

Usually I reread my posts several times before I publish them, fixing grammatical errors and rewriting sentences and filling in the holes in the story that may not make sense.  But here is this post, not edited to perfection, because pain is the furthest thing from perfect.  Thank you all for reading, it means the world to me.

Much love,

Carly xx

Selena Gomez x Coach


Hi beauties!  Today I want to share THIS article I read on last week about Selena Gomez’s collaboration with Coach.  First, I just want to say how much I love everything that she has been doing lately.  Her song Fetish is one of my favorite songs this Summer, and while this isn’t totally recent, I really enjoyed watching season one of Thirteen Reasons Why (I was already a huge fan of the book and I think they did an amazing job bringing the heart of the story to life).  Her emphasis on mental health through her platform to reach millions of people is so admirable.  It is even evident in her collaboration with Coach, with the words Love yourself first printed on the bags.

I would love to hear in the comment section what you think about the collaboration!  I am going to settle in now and watch If I Stay before going to bed.  Thanks for stopping by,

Carly xx