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Flexibility, and Loving Yourself Through It All

I have an affirmation card on my desk right now that reads, "I am bendable and pliable and flow freely with all that the universe offers."  Being flexible can mean all sorts of things.  On one hand, I'm pretty flexible: I can do the splits and bend over and touch my toes.  On the other… Continue reading Flexibility, and Loving Yourself Through It All

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Self-Love and Care

I read an article this morning about self-care and how it has become a symbol of status, and more than anything, an excuse to self-indulge.  We all have our different ways of taking care of ourselves, whether it be through splurging on a super healthy food or exercise class, but doing these things doesn't automatically… Continue reading Self-Love and Care

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A Journal Entry + Inspiration Photos

My thought process right now: "Maybe I should write in my journal....or I could just type it all up on my computer and post it on GGS!  Then I don't have to get out of bed...." I have been drawing all weekend long, flat drawings to be more specific.  Flat drawings are technical drawings of… Continue reading A Journal Entry + Inspiration Photos