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I think that we can always find something good in every day, no matter what happens.  But then there are those days where so many special things begin happening, and they make me step back and reflect, and fall behind all of those good things happening and just observe from the part of myself that… Continue reading Gratitude

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Delicious and Easy Roasted Carrots

I promised the recipe for my roasted carrots a while ago and I haven't forgotten!  I often tease these babies on Snapchat.  Roasting veggies transforms them....they are one of my favorite things to make because they are just so darn healthy and easy.  Cooking times vary for every veggie, but here is how I make… Continue reading Delicious and Easy Roasted Carrots

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How I Remember My Positive Affirmations Throughout the Day

Photo source: Paris In Four Months Good morning beauties!  Say/write these with me.... ❤ I am confident, successful, and joyous. ❤ Every thought I think is creating my future. ❤ I demonstrate love through my actions. ❤ I communicate with myself often and with kindness. Little by little, these positive thoughts in the form of… Continue reading How I Remember My Positive Affirmations Throughout the Day