The Noni Glow


I have mentioned the new Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil many times already so this isn’t a huge reveal, but it is my new #1 favorite product.  I even keep the oil on display next to my makeup brushes!  Noni extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil and sea buckthorn oil make up this beautiful product; and they soothe my skin all on their own just like the Kora Soothing Day and Night Cream.  With just a few drops, my skin feels hydrated and calm; and I have noticed my skin clearing up in a major way (small acne marks that have been there since I was thirteen are fading).  What I love about using an oil is that they last so long, so while it is expensive initially, if you can find an oil that calms, hydrates, brightens, and clears up you skin, then you are not only simplifying your beauty routine, but you are buying one product instead of four.  For me, the more simple and down to earth my beauty routine is, the better I feel and look.  This oil is considered to be more of a treatment, and it ends up being less expensive to use it as both the nourishing skin treatment it is and in lieu of traditional moisturizer.  I have only been using the Noni Glow at night without moisturizer, but I am almost out of my Soothing Day and Night Cream (which I have just been using in the morning recently so that I could see how my skin would react by just applying the oil at night), so when it is all gone I will be using the Noni Glow in the morning as my only moisturizer as well.  I will let you guys know if I end up needing to use a traditional moisturizer again, but so far I am really loving this new oil by Kora.  I am thinking about doing a full post on my skincare routine, because it has changed a bit since I’ve started college (aka, saving money wherever possible!).  Until then, please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section!

Much love,

Carly xx

For Love & Lemons


Happy Sunday beauties!  One thing I am becoming more and more sure of is quality vs. quantity, especially after I have been noticing that a few pieces of mine are falling apart! With that being said, I am saving my pennies to invest in For Love & Lemons.  I have never said this before about a label, but I would wear every single piece they have ever made.  I love soft prints and lace, and For Love & Lemons creates the most beautiful silhouettes out of them.  What I love most about their clothes is how the designs are ultra feminine, sexy, and can go from day to night.  Versatility and quality are the two things I look for the most in a brand.  I saw on Instagram this morning that they are getting ready to release their Fall campaign and I cannot wait to see it.  Also, if you are going to shop directly from their website be sure to sign up for UNiDAYS so that you can receive 15% off!




I am constantly keeping an eye out for their pieces to go on sale.  It is that time of year where I am purchasing new bras, and I happened to find a bralette of theirs for $40!  Yay!!  I am sharing more on the clothes side of For Love & Lemons today, but they are just as known for there skivvies as they are for their dresses.

I would love to know what your favorite brand is in the comment section!  As always, thank you so much for reading.

Much love,

Carly xx

How Affirmations Have Helped Me and How You Can Incorporate Them Into Your Everyday Life


I received a message from a super sweet reader the other day, and one of the things she asked me was how affirmations have helped me.  Before I delve into this post, I just have to recommend Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.  I have mentioned it so many times, but it really did change my perspective and help me in ways that I cannot put into words.  I remember first learning in that book affirmations that I could say to myself.  Walking down my high school halls, I would think to myself, “I am a vibrant, healthy, and joyful being of light and love.”  I would say that I love and accept myself, releasing negative thoughts as they came up.  In all honesty, I felt a bit silly at first.  It wasn’t until I began feeling lighter that I knew something within me was changing.  I was a sophomore in high school at that point, and my junior and senior year were actually some of the lowest  points for me.  But I feel so grateful to have read Treasure Yourself and having had learned of the power of positive thinking before those times.  I like to think that reading that book prepared me for the obstacles in my path, because I cannot imagine getting through that time in my life without knowing that no matter how sad or lonely the world around me felt, something special was still to come.  Difficult times are inevitable in every life, but the way we choose to deal with our own struggles is what ultimately creates our future.  We can choose to handle situations gracefully, with kindness and empathy.  I will be the first to admit that I do not always handles things in the best possible way . . . I can be impulsive and sometimes the world feels so small.  In those situations, I try to be kind to myself afterwards and move forward knowing that I learned from that experience.  Everything I learn and continue to learn comes from positive thoughts, and that is where affirmations really seem to help me.  I try to pick a couple to focus on each day, or if I am not sure what kind of mood I am in, I will pick them at random.  I have both of the Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself affirmation card decks by Miranda Kerr, which make frequent appearances in my Instagram photos. We can make our own affirmations as well, as long as they are always spoken from a positive perspective.  I have lists of affirmations that I made in drawers and hung up around my room, but one of the most effective ways that has worked for me is writing affirmations in my journal in the morning.

If you need a few affirmations to get started, here are some of the affirmations I have written on a list in my room (all are from either Treasure Yourself or Empower Yourself):

❤ I love who I am . . . . just the way I am.

❤ I am grateful for everybody and everything in my life!  I am so blessed with abundance, joy, health, and contentment.

❤ I accept my uniqueness.

❤ I love writing the script of my life.

❤ I believe that everything will work out in the way it is meant to.

❤ Everything I am searching for is within me.

❤ I am open to all possibilities and do not place limits on myself.

❤ I communicate with myself often and with kindness.

Please feel free to leave any questions for me in the comment section, or email me at!  You can also direct message me on Instagram @carlybrazeal.  I would love to do more posts about affirmations in the future, and the posts in the Beautiful Words category on the banner are centered around positive thoughts, too.  Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx

Meaningful and Wallet Friendly Decorating Tips


I love to surround myself with things I love and that inspire me.  I think it is important to have a peaceful yet lovely place to rest and recharge, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it became so much clearer to me both the items I treasure and the items I could get rid of.  I have so much less belongings than I use to, which really shines a light on the personal items that have meaning to me.

Most of my favorite things in my room cost me very little.  It is about being creative and utilizing the resources available to us, and finding meaning in the small things that we acquire through our adventures.  Here are a few ways that I am able to decorate in way that is both personal to me and friendly to my wallet:

❤ I work at a gift shop that sells the most beautiful candles.  My favorite line that we carry is called Maison Louis Marie.  Eventually I hope to splurge on one, but in the meantime, I asked if I could take home one of the empty tester jars that we burn during store hours.  After washing it in hot, soapy water, ta-da!  A lovely container to hold my makeup brushes.  You can do this with any kind of candle jar; and you can use it to hold writing utensils, hair ties, or anything you can think of.

❤ What about framing magazine covers?  I just love Elle Fanning’s recent cover for Vogue.  I have already saved it and just need to purchase a frame.

❤ Cards are art to me.  I keep my favorite ones and place them around my room.

❤ While purchasing something from Tiffany or Miu Miu is expensive initially, keeping the boxes they come in are perfect for storage . . . and are pretty to look at.

❤ I never throw out perfume bottles when I am done with them.  There is the one my Grandmother gave to me for Christmas, as well as the Chanel No5 that I inherited.  I also have several mini bottles of perfume that I purchased at Sephora with my Beauty Insider  points.

❤ Books are decor that are both beautiful and useful.  It is fun to mix and match and stack one upon another, and they are reminders of lessons and stories that have impacted us in some way.

Please feel free to leave some of your decorating tips and tricks in the comment section!

Carly xx