Selena Gomez x Coach


Hi beauties!  Today I want to share THIS article I read on last week about Selena Gomez’s collaboration with Coach.  First, I just want to say how much I love everything that she has been doing lately.  Her song Fetish is one of my favorite songs this Summer, and while this isn’t totally recent, I really enjoyed watching season one of Thirteen Reasons Why (I was already a huge fan of the book and I think they did an amazing job bringing the heart of the story to life).  Her emphasis on mental health through her platform to reach millions of people is so admirable.  It is even evident in her collaboration with Coach, with the words Love yourself first printed on the bags.

I would love to hear in the comment section what you think about the collaboration!  I am going to settle in now and watch If I Stay before going to bed.  Thanks for stopping by,

Carly xx

Something Personal….Talking About Feeling Broken


There is so much noise about the topic of self-improvement/help that it can feel overwhelming!  It almost seems as if there is a to-do-list that we have to complete each day for self-love and happiness.  I love to keep a planner, write to-do-lists and jot down reminders on sticky notes.  It keeps me organized with all of the little things I need to accomplish each day.  But what about the to-do-lists that we sometimes have floating around our minds, dictating us about what we “should” do?  I should write affirmations this morning.  I should do yoga.  I should eat something healthy.  I should put on a smile . . . . even though I feel broken inside.

I once did all the things that made me appear really healthy.  Now, when I look back at pictures from that time in my life, for a second I forget the broken person that I was inside.  Put simply, I didn’t feel like I was good enough.  It is easy to start comparing ourselves to our peers or people on social media.  This wasn’t the reason for my brokenness, and I am still not sure what I felt I wasn’t good enough for.  When I left for Savannah last Fall, I left behind the cocoon I kept around myself that made me feel safe.  In a way, this was the beginning of me choosing to not stay broken.  Sometimes the seemingly stable routines, rituals, and images that we create for ourselves are the walls that keep out the light of new possibilities.  I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea….this year there have been many times where I have felt sad, lonely, or afraid.  Little by little, I am trying to shift my perspective.  If I don’t do something that I feel like I should do, or avoid trying something because I am afraid, I remind myself to open my heart.

With an open heart, we can keep moving forward, moving past the walls we’ve created for ourselves.  It is happening exactly like Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  For me, I am finding that believing there is constant light and love surrounding us is helping me heal the brokenness I so often feel.  It is longer lasting than completing an impossible list of health rituals each day, because light and love is infinite, everlasting, and forgiving.

We are only limited when we think things should be a certain way, or that they already are.  And what I am trying to say is that by believing in a higher power, we can change this way of thinking; and we can open our hearts to the light and love that is around us right now, in this very moment.

Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx

How Affirmations Have Helped Me and How You Can Incorporate Them Into Your Everyday Life


I received a message from a super sweet reader the other day, and one of the things she asked me was how affirmations have helped me.  Before I delve into this post, I just have to recommend Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.  I have mentioned it so many times, but it really did change my perspective and help me in ways that I cannot put into words.  I remember first learning in that book affirmations that I could say to myself.  Walking down my high school halls, I would think to myself, “I am a vibrant, healthy, and joyful being of light and love.”  I would say that I love and accept myself, releasing negative thoughts as they came up.  In all honesty, I felt a bit silly at first.  It wasn’t until I began feeling lighter that I knew something within me was changing.  I was a sophomore in high school at that point, and my junior and senior year were actually some of the lowest  points for me.  But I feel so grateful to have read Treasure Yourself and having had learned of the power of positive thinking before those times.  I like to think that reading that book prepared me for the obstacles in my path, because I cannot imagine getting through that time in my life without knowing that no matter how sad or lonely the world around me felt, something special was still to come.  Difficult times are inevitable in every life, but the way we choose to deal with our own struggles is what ultimately creates our future.  We can choose to handle situations gracefully, with kindness and empathy.  I will be the first to admit that I do not always handles things in the best possible way . . . I can be impulsive and sometimes the world feels so small.  In those situations, I try to be kind to myself afterwards and move forward knowing that I learned from that experience.  Everything I learn and continue to learn comes from positive thoughts, and that is where affirmations really seem to help me.  I try to pick a couple to focus on each day, or if I am not sure what kind of mood I am in, I will pick them at random.  I have both of the Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself affirmation card decks by Miranda Kerr, which make frequent appearances in my Instagram photos. We can make our own affirmations as well, as long as they are always spoken from a positive perspective.  I have lists of affirmations that I made in drawers and hung up around my room, but one of the most effective ways that has worked for me is writing affirmations in my journal in the morning.

If you need a few affirmations to get started, here are some of the affirmations I have written on a list in my room (all are from either Treasure Yourself or Empower Yourself):

❤ I love who I am . . . . just the way I am.

❤ I am grateful for everybody and everything in my life!  I am so blessed with abundance, joy, health, and contentment.

❤ I accept my uniqueness.

❤ I love writing the script of my life.

❤ I believe that everything will work out in the way it is meant to.

❤ Everything I am searching for is within me.

❤ I am open to all possibilities and do not place limits on myself.

❤ I communicate with myself often and with kindness.

Please feel free to leave any questions for me in the comment section, or email me at!  You can also direct message me on Instagram @carlybrazeal.  I would love to do more posts about affirmations in the future, and the posts in the Beautiful Words category on the banner are centered around positive thoughts, too.  Thank you so much for reading,

Carly xx

Self-love and Following Your Dreams


❤ A dreamy photo of Paris by Paris in Four Months, before beginning a novel of a post

I have been thinking about this all day, and here it goes:

I didn’t know what I wanted this blog to be when I created it.  All I knew was that I wanted a platform to fill with inspiration.  What Graceful Glass Slipper could be or grow into was something that I felt extremely frustrated with for nearly two years.  I remember dancing around my house the day I bought my url, celebrating something even though I had no idea what could possibly become of it.  Graceful Glass Slipper is a work in progress, but I finally know what direction it is going in.

This is something I have mentioned before but I want to to explain it once more.  I am a fashion design major (my sophomore year begins this September), so why is my blog becoming more and more beauty and wellness focused?

When I was fifteen, I read Treasure Yourself.  It changed my life because it introduced ideas to me that have altered the way I think and feel about life.  I will forever be grateful for the impact Treasure Yourself  had on me, and no matter what, I am able to go back to it for guidance.  It has led me to read more books that carry similar principles, ones that go even more in depth with certain ideas.

In grade school, we learn how to add and subtract and memorize vocabulary words.  Each of these things are important, but I think we also need to be taught how to take care of ourselves.  I can’t help but wonder why, in the midst of all that we learn in school as young children, we are not taught how to love ourselves and truly understand the thousands of thoughts that go through our minds each day.

Treasure Yourself taught me how I can choose to love and accept myself; and each time I take time out of my day to go for a walk or practice affirmations, I feel inspired to work on other areas of my life …. like following my dream to become a fashion designer.  Learning how to choose organic products for my skin or being mindful of what I am eating are seemingly small things that inspire me to keep going forward and move through the obstacles in my life.  The more I learn about my own body and soul, the more I feel like I have the tools I need to live each day to the fullest.  And I use the word tools very loosely, because in this moment, we all have everything we need to be happy.  Happiness isn’t expensive or something that we can only have if we have something else first.  Happiness is a feeling we create within ourselves through our own thoughts and actions.

I used to shy away from sharing things like this, which is similar to what I would write in my journal.  Writing openly and honestly like this has made me realize that I want Graceful Glass Slipper to be that place.  I want readers to leave Graceful Glass Slipper feeling inspired to love and take care of themselves so that they have the confidence to follow their dreams.

Remember to love your beautiful self,

Carly xx