Kintsugi, the art of broken pieces


I stumbled across this earlier this evening, and it was one of those moments where after I read it, I grew quiet.  Not the kind of quiet where I was talking non-stop and then went silent, but the kind of quiet where all of the thoughts going through my head just stopped.  All of the worries and fears that I have on a daily basis just melted away.  I have never heard of Kintsugi before, but I can’t wait to research it a bit more.

Beauty is simple, and it goes beyond skincare and makeup.  My perspective is that beauty is kindness, strength, and grace.

What is your definition of beauty?  Have you ever heard of Kintsugi?  I would love to hear your response in the comment section!

Until next time….

Carly xx

Life Update #1


It feels like it has been ages since my last blog post, because so much has changed in the past week.  I moved out of my dorm, said goodbye to my best friends, and started working my Summer job.  Before I get all mushy, I am going to turn the focus to GGS.  When I started college, I thought that I would be blogging like crazy.  I had this vision that I would be doing endless outfit shoots and talking primarily about clothes.  This would make sense, right?  Being that I am a fashion major, wouldn’t I be fashion blogging?

Here is my answer:

In high school, it felt as though the world were only that big.  There were so many parts of myself that I kept safely tucked within my shell, which I think is something that happens to a lot of us in high school.  I fell in love with fashion at SCAD in a different way than I loved it before, and my blog reflects that.  Beauty, health, and wellness is what really propels me forward to become a fashion designer.  It is what inspires me, and it is what I enjoy learning about the most which is important in terms of concept development for a collection.  Fashion is art, just like painting is art; and a piece of clothing can be inspired or built around anything (which is why I love it so much).  A professor this past quarter shared this quote with me, “Inspiration is for amateurs, professionals go to work.”  While I understand the context of this quote and what he was trying to get across to me (which is that we cannot wait to be inspired to create), I still have to disagree.  For me, inspiration is a way to continuously be curious about the world.  It is about being interested in the art and culture of others, as well as the ways the people around us choose to live their lives; and inspiration can come from the littlest of things.  I love learning from the people around me (for example, coming home for the Summer has only made me realize how inspired I am by my peers at SCAD).  Inspiration is an adventure, like taking a long walk without a map or destination and being tuned into everything around us.  This Summer, I am going to really try and explore the area that I grew up in, because I know now that it is much bigger than I once thought it was.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love,

Carly xx

P.S. Expect more Brigitte Bardot inspiration here soon 🙂 I love this photo and what it represents!








March Letter: Bloom

Fashion and design inspiration before delving into this month’s letter….


Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2017 from This Is Glamorous.Grace-Ciao-Fashion-Illustrator-Chloe-Love-Story-Saks-Glam-Gardens

A fashion illustration created using real flowers by Grace Ciao.

Hello beauties!  It is March, and I am very late with this month’s letter; but I have much I want to share with all of you.  I’m finding more and more inspiration from places like This Is Glamorous and people like Grace Ciao, and my Spring break starts next Wednesday so by Thursday I will be well on my way with updated Pinterest boards and collage making.  Even though I still feel unsure whether or not Winter truly began here in Savannah, I am embracing the Spring energy and vibes all around me.

The month of March always makes me think about luck, and I prefer to think about luck in the way that events will unfold in the way they are meant too.  As I think about the way the circumstances in my life seem to pop up, the bigger of a believer I become in the power of gratitude and self-love.  Rooted in positivity, luck may always circle back into something meaningful.

Even more so than January, I always feel as if the arrival of Spring brings a fresh start, a chance to bloom into the person you want to be.  Drawing from my own personal experience, I know that many of us are given labels each day.  Most of the labels given to me by other people go along the lines of being quiet or naive, and insinuations that I am weak.  I do not mean to share this for sympathy, but because my blog always looks on the positive side of everything, I want to share this to hopefully relate with any of you struggling with self-confidence.  I am grateful for all of the kind people in my life, but I do deal with negativity, and it effects me sometimes.  I try to remind myself that often times other people do not know us truly, and in addition to that, I strive to remain honest with myself because I think that honesty can help us grow (or even bloom).

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and please feel free to leave your response in the comment section below!

Much love,

Carly xx

Dealing With Self-Doubt


While I have had a passion for fashion since I was thirteen years old, I didn’t know that I wanted to be a fashion designer until I was a junior in high school.  I knew that to be true, and was confident in myself all throughout the college application process.  When I began attending the Savannah College of Art and Design this past Fall, I became very scared that I could not do this.  All around me was amazing designers and portfolios full of stunning work.  Right at the beginning of November, with just one month left of my first quarter in college, I realized how hard I was being on myself.  Of course, I am here at SCAD to learn!  It is okay not to be the best at something, because as long as you are passionate about your work and stay true to your authenticity and uniqueness, things will work out.  For me, trusting this process is the more difficult part.

These moments of doubt happen quite frequently for me, and one of my favorite ways to get my mind off of them is to look for inspiration: in people, drawings, books, magazines.  My favorite fashion illustrator is Megan Hess, a page of her book Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon is pictured above.  Her drawings are beautiful, and as I am drawing more and more, I often look to her work for guidance and inspiration.

I would love to hear in the comments whether or not any of this resonates with you, and as always, I so appreciate you stopping by my blog!

Carly xx