Bee Pollen, One Of My New Favorite Superfoods


Bee pollen has quickly become one of my new favorite superfoods.  I love all things wellness, and while the newest issue of Marie Claire points out that wellness tips and tricks can be trendy, I believe that when something is good for you or makes you feel better, then it is here to stay.  And, as a side note, I love this new editorial with Chrissy Teigen!  She is real, makes food that actually tastes good, and most recently, I love how honest she has been about mental health and her struggle with depression.

Here are just a few of my favorite benefits to eating bee pollen (as strange as it may sound at first!):

❤ it contains almost all of the nutrients we need

❤ it is rich in protein (40% in fact!), free amino acids, and vitamins like B-complex and folic acid

❤ helps with weight control (especially weight loss, because it can speed up our metabolism)

❤ eliminates cravings (when we eat foods such as bee pollen that are so full of nutrients, our bodies naturally want to eat less)

❤ can help with common skin issues such as dullness, aging of the skin, and acne

Of course, I am not an expert so please do research for yourself to see if bee pollen is right for you!  We have so much information available us through books and the internet, but please be sure that your sources are reliable if you are using the internet.  Also, even if you are not allergic to honey, you could be allergic to bee pollen, so it is important to test out one granule first or talk to your doctor.  I love including bee pollen in my smoothies, cereal, or on top of toast with coconut oil, nut butter, berries, and honey (I actually made that this morning!  I love coming up with crazy toast concoctions.).

Thank you so much for reading, and please let me know in the comment section what you think or if you have any questions!

Carly xx

“Is this really you?”


For my final project in Fashion Technology this past Spring quarter, I was to construct a jacket.  Each student was given the same patterns, but we were aloud to pick out our own unique fabric and buttons.  I fell in love with this super soft, white velvet fabric from my favorite local fabric shop in Savannah.  While I was there, I also found buttons that were black and had gold trim with a gold skull and crossbones in the middle.  I went ahead and purchased the fabric, but decided to wait to purchase the buttons since they were so different from my usual style.  Here is the thing: I could not stop thinking about those buttons, so much so that I ended up purchasing them the next day!  I was more excited about this garment than any other one that I constructed that quarter (and this is including the bow and polka dot print skirt I made).  Fast forward to the last class of the quarter, where I was putting the final touches on the jacket that included sewing the buttons on.  The sewing tech in my class walked over to me, picked up one of the buttons, looked me in the eye and said, “Is this really you?”  I could tell that she didn’t like the buttons, and while I didn’t mind whether she liked them or not, her question took me aback.

I began to think about the way I am often openly told about the preconceptions people tend to have of me.  Yes, I own an exceptional amount of clothing in the color blush, my voice is higher than the average gal, and I have a rather soft demeanor.  However, when people get to really know me, they are often surprised by how different I actually am.  And with that, here is my answer to the sewing tech:

I don’t know.  I don’t know if those buttons are really me just like I don’t know if the ballerina skirt I am wearing right now is really me.  Why can’t they both me?  In my style post last week, I mentioned how much I have changed this past year.  We change as we grow and that is an important part of the beautiful process of life.  I think that it is limiting to feel as if we can only dress or be a certain way.  Maybe the next time I wear my tulle ballerina skirt, I will tuck my Grateful Dead tee into it.

One of my favorite bloggers compares her blog to an onion, in saying that it has a lot of layers.  I think that this is a great metaphor for people, too.  There are layers to each of us that the world doesn’t get to see right away, and this is why I think it is important to really try to get to know each other before passing judgement.  And people do surprise me everyday, in the most beautiful, kind ways.  I like to look at this in the way that when we do something that seems outside the realm of our style, it is simply just another layer to our personality, or an indicator of personal growth.

It’s okay to not know exactly who we are yet.  I used to not allow myself to do things because I was afraid to find out that it wasn’t who I was and I didn’t want to look silly.  In college, I’ve really let that go.  I have most definitely embarrassed myself a few times, but I’ve also made memories and discovered things that I will cherish forever.

I want to leave this post with one of my favorite affirmations from Empower Yourself, “I celebrate my uniqueness and individuality.  I am happy to be.”  I love saying this to myself because it reminds me to love all of the quirky aspects of my personality, and I am learning to not be afraid of exploring all of those weird quicks.  We are all beautiful and weird and doing the best that we possibility can.  We may not always know what the right thing to do is, but we can choose to live lovingly and courageously, and sometimes that means feeling a little silly here and there.  The more loving and accepting we are of ourselves, the more free we will feel to be ourselves.

I hope that you were able to relate to this, if even just a little.  If you have a story to share, feel free to leave it in the comment section!  And of course, thank you so much for reading.

Much love,

Carly xx

Life Update #1


It feels like it has been ages since my last blog post, because so much has changed in the past week.  I moved out of my dorm, said goodbye to my best friends, and started working my Summer job.  Before I get all mushy, I am going to turn the focus to GGS.  When I started college, I thought that I would be blogging like crazy.  I had this vision that I would be doing endless outfit shoots and talking primarily about clothes.  This would make sense, right?  Being that I am a fashion major, wouldn’t I be fashion blogging?

Here is my answer:

In high school, it felt as though the world were only that big.  There were so many parts of myself that I kept safely tucked within my shell, which I think is something that happens to a lot of us in high school.  I fell in love with fashion at SCAD in a different way than I loved it before, and my blog reflects that.  Beauty, health, and wellness is what really propels me forward to become a fashion designer.  It is what inspires me, and it is what I enjoy learning about the most which is important in terms of concept development for a collection.  Fashion is art, just like painting is art; and a piece of clothing can be inspired or built around anything (which is why I love it so much).  A professor this past quarter shared this quote with me, “Inspiration is for amateurs, professionals go to work.”  While I understand the context of this quote and what he was trying to get across to me (which is that we cannot wait to be inspired to create), I still have to disagree.  For me, inspiration is a way to continuously be curious about the world.  It is about being interested in the art and culture of others, as well as the ways the people around us choose to live their lives; and inspiration can come from the littlest of things.  I love learning from the people around me (for example, coming home for the Summer has only made me realize how inspired I am by my peers at SCAD).  Inspiration is an adventure, like taking a long walk without a map or destination and being tuned into everything around us.  This Summer, I am going to really try and explore the area that I grew up in, because I know now that it is much bigger than I once thought it was.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love,

Carly xx

P.S. Expect more Brigitte Bardot inspiration here soon 🙂 I love this photo and what it represents!








Chicken Soup, Love, and the Little Things


On Sunday, I had time to spare while I waited for my favorite fabric store in Savannah to open, and I ended up wandering into the used book store next door.  A few steps below ground level takes you into a place with floor to ceiling book shelves filled with as many books as possible, and additional piles of books all around.  It has the distinct smell of old books that I find comforting, and it was there that I found Chicken Soup for the Soul.  No, silly, not actual chicken soup.  You may have of heard of this book before, and it’s compilation of heartwarming short stories (sans noodles).  I read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul when I was in junior high, and since I happened to stumble upon the classic, adult version, I decided to go ahead and purchase it for a few dollars.

So far, I am only several stories in (there are over 100), and up until this afternoon, I was afraid that this book was going to continue be cheesy.  And then, I found myself holding back tears in the middle of a coffee shop.  This post isn’t about re-telling the particular story or summarizing it, I just want to share how it was the exact kind of “chicken soup” that I needed today.

To all of my GGS readers, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that the story was love based, but not in a way that I’ve thought about before.  I think we all have a tendency to think of expressions of love as being romantic or mushy ones.  And then there are those expressions of self-love through positive affirmations and self-care.  Nevertheless, the story in Chicken Soup for the Soul exemplified how love can truly be in everything we do.  The little things we often do without a second thought can be expressions of love.  Complimenting someone or saying “hello” or “thank you” with a smile can go a long way.  At work, helping out a friendly customer who goes out of their way to be kind and respectful to me as well always made me feel better when I was down.  What I love most about my job at Agnes & Orson (an adorable gift shop in Dayton, Ohio that I started working at in November of my senior year of high school, that I now work at whenever I am not in school in Savannah) are those positive interactions with the people who shop there.  Meeting and connecting with new people adds so much to my life.  I know that this is not a particularly revolutionary or profound example, but that is the point.

We don’t talk about small interactions like opening a door for someone, or asking them how their day was with true, open, compassionate ears.  It is important to recognize, cherish, and pass on these small acts of kindness.  It may not seem like it at first, but the little things will turn into big things because these acts of kindness are acts of love.  What the story in Chicken Soup for the Soul explained was that you can use love to help people.  You never know what someone is going through and these little acts of love can really help lift their spirit.  I wish I could go back and tell some of the people who have helped me what a difference their actions have made in my life (although, it isn’t too late!).  I remember reading somewhere that love pulsates around us, and I am beginning to understand how.

“Love is life is love.” -Diane Von Furtenberg

What do you think?  Have you read Chicken Soup for the Soul?  I would love to hear your response to this in the comment section!  Thank you so much for reading, and as always….

Much love,

Carly xx