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Flexibility, and Loving Yourself Through It All

I have an affirmation card on my desk right now that reads, "I am bendable and pliable and flow freely with all that the universe offers."  Being flexible can mean all sorts of things.  On one hand, I'm pretty flexible: I can do the splits and bend over and touch my toes.  On the other… Continue reading Flexibility, and Loving Yourself Through It All

Beautiful Words

Something Personal….Talking About Feeling Broken

There is so much noise about the topic of self-improvement/help that it can feel overwhelming!  It almost seems as if there is a to-do-list that we have to complete each day for self-love and happiness.  I love to keep a planner, write to-do-lists and jot down reminders on sticky notes.  It keeps me organized with… Continue reading Something Personal….Talking About Feeling Broken